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What is Body Massage and how could it help me?

 Massage is an ancient therapy which uses different techniques and pressure on the muscles and soft tissues of the body to bring about a feeling a relaxation and wellness inside of ourselves.


We all use massage for different reasons including pain management, stress reduction or just to help us relax.


I like to have a good chat to discuss the reasons behind your visit which helps me to tailor your appointment specifically to your needs on that day. I often use breathing techniques to help you let go of any tension you may be holding before we begin. This often helps you to feel more comfortable as you calm your mind and clear your thoughts.

My style of massage uses pressure that allows your body to relax naturally ensuring we are on the right track towards long term benefits. All therapists work in a different way and often find their own unique style through their own personality, nature and training. I don't believe in the old saying of 'no pain, no gain' and prefer to help my clients relax with a more gently approach.

Whether it is a full body or a back, shoulder and neck massage both may help you to unwind, rebalance and switch off and feeling ready to continue your day ahead.

Prices start from £30

Package offers Also available.

It's Much More Than Just A Massage

Clicking the button above will take you through to the online booking system where you can choose a day and time convenient for you.

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